Censtar High Flow Fuel Dispenser 300L
Censtar High Flow Fuel Dispenser 300L 1

Censtar High Flow Fuel Dispenser 300L

Fuel Dispenser Available Options
low temperature solution
Printing customer’s logo,International solenoid valve
Breakaway valve and swivel,International brand nozzle
Receipt printer,Multi-media,lED display
Voice broadcast,Vapor recovery
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Censtar High Flow Fuel Dispenser 300L Product Functions

• Classical • Durable • Trustable • Flexible

1、This series of high flow fuel dispenser is suitable for expressway service area fuelstation.

2、Specially for heavy trucks, buses and other large diesel filling equipment, it is also applied to mining machinery.

3、Features for high flow, easy operation, which shortening the vehicles filling time.

4、high efficiency, can effectively alleviate the fuel filling pressure of service area during peak hours.

Standard Configuration

  • Big lCD Screen
  • Ex emergency button
  • Ex key button
  • Cold rolled sheet
  • High pressure, oilresistant, static conductivity hose
  • High flow electric system
  • Printer
  • Plastic keypad
  • Metalhose wiring


Censtar High Flow Fuel Dispenser 300L

Technical Parameters



Flow rate range:

5 to 180 liter per minute



Intake vacuum:



Sales 0.00 to 9999999


0.00 to 99999.99

Unit price :

0.00 to 99999(Decimalpoint position can be chosen)

Electrical totalizer:

Volume 0 to 42949672.95l

 Electrical Mechanical totalizer

Money 0 to 42949672.95

Power supply:

AC380V or AC220V with a changing range from -15% to +10%

Working environmental temperature:

-40℃ to +55 ℃

Relative humidity:



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