Integrated piston structure and imported rubber piston cup is utilized on Censtar LLJ08 flow meter. Abrasion-resistant stainless steel is utilized on distributing valve chassis. Respectively, filled polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material is attached on upper and lower surfaces of distributing valve. This design reduces the abrasion of the product. LLJ08 flow meter is suitable to work in different temperatures and conditions - it can operate normally in -40 ~+55 . The meter is suitable for big range of areas – no matter in urban or rural petrol filling stations, internal or overseas petrol filling stations, the stability and accuracy of LLJ08 flow meter are not affected. The meter is robust in handling a variety of fuel types - petrol, diesel, kerosene, even ethanol gasoline is suitable. Censtar LLJ08 flow meter is able to operate without malfunction across 6 million liters, and its whole working life is up to 12 million liters.

structure of flow meter

Technical Parameters

Technical Specification

. Accuracy : ≤ ±0.2%

. Repeatability error : ≤ 0.07%

. Discharge rated per revolution : 0.5 L

. Working pressure : ≤0.50 MPa

. Manual-operation adjustment range : -0.6%~+1.0%

. Min. accuracy manual-operation adjustment : 0.05%

. Min. measured quantity : 1 L

. Net Weight : 8 KG

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