Main functions

  1. Aerated process automatic control, double-sided automatic display and volume during the charging process, as the amount of gas and the unit price (shown with luminous).
  2. If power off,  Has  data  protection, display the current gas data at a time.
  3. Mass storage, can query not less than 12000 times of gas data
  4. Monitoring system, monitoring the temperature of the filling process, flow, controlair speed, 
  5. When the pressure and flow more than set value, Close the valve automatically
  6. Built-in import clock system, even if power off, Stilltiming accurate and reliable
  7. Can query the totalcumulative amount at any time
  8. Have the function of preset
  9. Adjustable velocity value and density
  10. Configuration of inlet ballvalve
  11. Can check every gas data, and aerated time;Can query the shift gas accumulated volume, amount, the accumulative amount of the total.
  12. With functions of automatic detection fault, automatically shows fault code.
  13.  In the filling process can directly show the flow rate, temperature, Ensure the safety of the gas process
  14. No flow signal, automatic shut down, protect the interests of the owner.
  15. Smallflow protection
  16. With metalkeyboard
Technical Parameters

Flow Range

10 ~ 60 l/min

Maximum  working pressure

2.5 MPa


 Single or double

Measured at the levelof accuracy


Power supply

AC220V±15%  50/60Hz

Explosion-proof rating

Exdib II AT4

Working Environment temperature





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