Safety and explosion-proof

The double-walltank filled with explosion prevention system conforms to China NationalStandard. If there is accident like open fire, static electricity, shooting or lighting strike, the explosion and catastrophe won't happen. And the automatic alarm & controlsystem can find abnormalcondition in time and carry out emergency treatment.
Energy saving and emission reduction

The device is equipped with vapor recovery system that can restrain and reduce oils volatilization as wellas reduce pollution to atmosphere environment.

The device is equipped with oil& vapor leakage monitoring system. If oil& vapor leakage happens, it willgive an audible & visualalarm and avoid the pollution against soiland underground water source.
Convenient transportation and installation

Mobile FuelStation can be hoisted integrally and be fixed easily, make installation trouble saving, simple and convenient.


Technology explanation

The theory explanations is, according to the principles of heat exchange and the basic conditions of forming burning and blasting, With the use of the specialhoneycomb structure with putting the separate & explosion-proof materials in the vesseltank, it can prohibit the flame spreading and the moment of energy release. With the advantage of the heat exchange effects of the specials materials, it can destroy the explosion blasting conditions and prevent explosion. So That to guarantee the safety of gaseous and liquefied hazardous chemicals in transportation and storage.
Even in the cases of accident events (which caused by flame, static, welding, gun shooting, collision, and faulty operation).



Main Components


tank                   fuel dispenser                    OPW

                   Tank                                                   Fueldispenser                                                 liquid Meter

Emergency Release Valve                      Power Distributer                       Unloading Pump

Emergency Release Valve                                   Power Distributer                                                   Unloading Pump






sinopec  genir

Technical Parameters


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