Flow Meter guarantees the measurement of Fuel Dispenser. CSLLJ05 Flow Meter is a flow meter developed by Censtar which adapts advanced technology in Europe and America, and adopts international standards OIMLR117 and OIMLR118. Two patents for the flow meter were awarded. CSLLJ05 Flow Meter has four sealing soft-piston return hydraulic cylinders, precision-adjusting device, and has resistance to corrosion. The CSLLJ05’s advanced design and manufacture ensures it is suitable to work up to 10 million liters in -40℃~+50, and among 5 million liters it operates with no malfunction.

structure of flow meter


Technical Parameters
Discharge rated per revolution 0.5 l
Flow rate 5-50 l/min
Working pressure ≤0.30 MPa
Accuracy ≤±0.2%
Repeatability error ≤ 0.07%
Min. measured quantity 5 l
Net Weight 8 KG


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