Gear pump provides energy for Fuel Dispenser. GP03 is a series of patented gear pump developed by Censtar which adapts advanced technology in Europe and America, and adopts international standards OIMLR117 and OIMLR118. GP03 is a self-priming suction pump with relief valve, pressure retaining valve and vapor separator. Assemblies of the pump work stably and are durable. GP03 has low noise level and strong suction power, and its working life extends as much as 10 million liters.


Technical Parameters
Rated Input Rotate Speed 820 r/min
Inlet Vacuum 0.054 MPa
Adjusting Pressure 0.18-0.20 MPa
Outlet Pressure ≤0.30 MPa
Max Flow Rate 80 l/min
length of Suction Pipe HorizontalMax. : 50m/Verticalmax : 4m
Net Weight 30 KG


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